SCIENCE FICTION THRILLER. A college professor conducting computer generated mood altering experiments discovers they produce bizarre and dangerous side effects. Innocent students turn into Jekyll-Hyde personalities, with seizures of violence, madness and hallucinations. A series of gruesome and mysterious murders on campus leads to the path of a devious organization bent on world mind control.


Laurie Stevens (Farrah Forke), an innocent coed at a university, finds herself in the middle of a deadly plot when she discovers that her favorite professor, Dr. Philip Rothman (Terry Londeree), is conducting dangerous experiments on the human brain. Dr. Rothman stimulates his subjects with computer generated visual and auditory signals and analyses the resulting mood altering effects. Rothman's intentions are honorable--he is hoping to learn more about brain disorders in order to better treat them, but he is unfortunately the puppet of a sinister and powerful organization, Biotronics Inc., that is pushing him to increase the intensity of the experiments. Rothman's subjects develop brain malfunctions which turn them into Jekyl-Hyde personalities with seizures of violence, madness and hallucinations. The result is a chain of bizarre and seemingly unrelated homicides and suicides on the college campus--until Detective Frank Turi (Joe Lombardo), with the help of Laurie, puts the pieces together.